Family Health Education and Coaching Services

Family Whole Health Education®* and Coaching

Family health education and coaching involves assisting the whole family to understand and experience the integrated nature of health through integrating all Five Aspects of Health™*: Physical, Emotional, Nutritional, Environmental, and Spiritual/Worldview into family life. Coaching services focus on revealing how a family system can engage in self-awareness activities and utilize evidence-based education and techniques to create whole family wellness. Common consultation topics include: fostering body-mind-spirit integration in children, stress management, environmental stressors and child/family health, mindful family living, incorporating healthy habits into family life, and more.

Family Consulting Sessions:

Family Consulting consists of one initial session with just the parents(s) for an intake and discussion regarding the family's own unique dynamic and health status. Subsequent meetings present opportunities to experience and integrate self-awareness activities into family life, and present specific evidence-based educational material, techniques and goal setting aimed at balancing the health status of the whole family. Meditation/mindfulness and relaxation-response techniques can be introduced to the whole family during follow-up sessions as avenues for self-awareness. When appropriate, advocacy services to connect the family to other health care resources and agencies is provided. All services can be submitted to your health insurance company, HSA or FSA (we will provide the receipt and coding for you to submit).

Fee: Initial Consultation: $75, Follow Up Consultations: $55.

 *Whole Person Health Education®  and the Five Aspects of Health™ are Registered Trademarks of the National Institute of Whole Health. Used with permission. All rights reserved