Integrative Health Education and Coaching Services:

Individual nurse coaching and education is approached from an integrated, whole person perspective which allows for personal discovery and self awareness, and uses techniques to help you actively engage in your own wellness plan. Our coaching services utilize an integrated and individualized approach to health education and coaching focusing on all aspects of your health: physical, emotional, nutritional, environmental, relational, and spiritual. These services are appropriate for those working toward optimal wellness, for those working to understand and manage chronic illness, and for those wishing to explore stages of life transition through a lens of integrated wellness. Education and coaching  allows you to: 
   1.    Create a greater understanding of the integrated nature of your health
   2.    Reveal, understand, and create your own wellness plan          
   3.    Activate achievable, sustainable, and individualized wellness goals informed by
          evidence-based research and  informed by your own wisdom.

Coaching services allow time and space for you to uncover your own health story and personal strengths so that you can establish goal-oriented, self-aware changes in wellness. This establishes the foundation for long-term, viable changes in health and wellness. Common topics for education and coaching include: chronic illness symptom management, chronic illness risk reduction, weight management, stress management, goal-oriented lifestyle modification and behavioral change, mind-body awareness, navigating life changes and transitions, and clinical applications of meditation, mindfulness, and imagery.

Fee: Initial Consultation: $75, Follow Up Consultations: $55, 3 Session Package: $175, follow up packages $140.


Working with Katie made the process of identifying and realizing my personal health goals from a holistic perspective so much easier. She has the knowledge, experience, and resources to guide you through what can seem impossibly complex to approach on your own - integrating all aspects of your life and self into one picture of optimal health!          -L.D. 2015


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Winnell Wellness Consulting does not participate with any insurance company.  Cash or check payment is requested at the time of service. If you are being seen in a third party office, all payment is subject to the billing procedures of that office.