Are you interested in incorporating health coaching, integrated wellness, stress management, or meditation tools and techniques into your business environment? Katie Winnell has the education, experience, and training to assist your business in employing a variety of wellness-related tools specifically designed to meet your needs. Utilizing these types of wellness management tools in corporate and business environments can create an internal culture of wellness that can increase self-awareness, focus and attention, productivity, creativity, and client, management, and employee satisfaction while decreasing chronic illness risk, absenteeism, and compromised efficiency and productivity.
Not sure where to start? No problem. Katie can help you identify your strengths, needs, and goals, then design a plan to implement in your business environment. Whether it's a one-time wellness workshop, customized meditation practice, or weekly Nurse-Coaching intervention, Katie will design a plan tailored to your business culture, needs, and goals. Begin with a free corporate consult. Call or email to get started.

Corporate and Business Consulting:

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Common Consulting and

Coaching Topics


  • Whole Person Health™*

  • Nutrition for Health

  • Balancing Work and Life

  • Meditation in the Workplace

  • Chronic Illness Risk Reduction

  • Spiritual Wellness and Job Performance

  • Stress Management and Job Performance

  • Specific Corporate Topics


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