Meditation Offerings

These meditation techniques are offered as opportunities to explore and create the self awareness which often inspires and informs a lifestyle of whole person wellness. All meditation/mindfulness techniques are supported by evidence-based science and services can be submitted to your health insurance company, HSA, or FSA.

Focused Awareness Meditation Classes: This evidence based meditation practice will provide a solid base for your personal meditation practice, whether you are new to meditation or want to augment your present practice. FAM focuses on using the relaxation response as an entry into meditation, using the breath to guide the body and mind, and establishing mindfulness practice both in meditation and in everyday life. A practical and accessible method, focused awareness meditation is appropriate for those wishing to use meditation as a stress management technique, those with chronic illness, and those desiring the opportunity to use meditative insight and mindfulness as life skills and for spiritual development.

Along with general stress reduction and greater wellness, focused awareness meditation has been shown through research to be an effective adjunct in treatment plans for heart disease, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, affective disorders, sleep disturbance, anxiety, stress disorders, and for increasing immunity and brain plasticity.  $89 for four week course (this can be submitted to insurance plans with wellness benefits).


FAM instruction is offered independently or in class format. Next class to be scheduled. Please contact us for more information: 231. 330.5836 or









Compassion Meditation:

Research suggests that specific meditative techniques and breath work allow us to access the "compassion, forgiveness, and empathy" centers in the brain. Furthermore, experiencing these emotions can create positive changes in health and wellness, and allow us to feel more connected with ourselves, with others, and with the world around us. Instruction in compassion meditation is offered individually and in group settings, and can be combined with focused awareness meditation skills. Contact us for more information: 231.330.5836 or