What is Nurse Coaching, Health Education, and Transpersonal Nurse Coaching?

A Board Certified Nurse Coach is a licensed, registered nurse who is certified through the American Holistic Nurses Association to work in a health and wellness coaching capacity. Nurses Coaches work with clients to facilitate change and assist them to reach their full potential. Nurse Coaches do not diagnose or treat, rather they act as a guide to provide the client with the information, structure, and support to walk their own path toward integrated health (body, mind, and spirit).  Nurse Coaches are educated specialists within the nursing profession. They work within the professional standards of practice determined by the American Nurses Association, standards which are expanded upon and monitored by the American Holistic Nurses Association. 


Nurse Coaches with credentials in Whole Health Education®* add specific skills in patient health education and advocacy and are specialists in using evidence-based information to create sustainable health-related behavioral change across all aspects of the whole person: physical, emotional, nutritional, environmental, and spiritual/worldview.



In becoming a specialist in Transpersonal Nurse Coaching™**, nurses gain deep clinical understanding and skills to reduce patients’ stress and fear and to gain clarity surrounding issues such as illness, health-related decision making, life changes, and more. Transpersonal Nurse Coaches believe that every person has the potential to awaken the transpersonal (meaning states or areas of awareness beyond the limits of personal identity) qualities of inner peace, wisdom, life purpose, and experiences of oneness. Transpersonal Nurse Coaches are trained to safely and effectively use evidence-based Clinical Meditation and Imagery skills to assist clients in accessing and identifying this transpersonal self, as well as using these insights to feel safer, braver, healthier, and more connected to the larger world.


*Whole Health Education is a registered trademark of the National Institute of Whole Health. Used with permission, all rights reserved.


**Transpersonal Nurse Coaching is a Trademark of the Huntington Meditation and Imagery Center. Used with permission.

"Working with Katie as a Nurse Coach gave me the added assurance of working with a licensed health professional. She didn't tell me how to be well, she worked with me as a partner to identify what was important for me and how to change for the long-term. I am a happier, healthier person, in a way that feels true and honest to my own life."                    -J.C. 2016