3 Pillars of Integrated Stress Management: Eat Well, Move More, Stress Less

You are a whole, integrated being. Thus, managing stress should come from a whole person, integrated perspective. Your ability to reduce stress is maximized when approached from a body, mind, and spirit perspective. Managing your stress response is important for overall health, as a form of self-care, and as a complementary therapy for treatment of acute and chronic illness.

Katie Winnell can help you form your own individual, integrative stress management plan addressing your own unique, whole person needs from an Eat Well, Move More, Stress Less perspective:



Healthy Eating, Nutritional Education

Weight Management, Mindful Eating


Mindful Movement, Finding Your FITT Rx

Exercise for Wellness and Weight Management


Clinical Meditation and Imagery

Relaxation Response Training

Breath Awareness for Stress Reduction

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