Healthy Eating and Weight Management 

Are you Confused About:

What the heck you're supposed to eat?

How to use food to be well and stay well? 

How to ADD IN foods to help you lose weight?

How to use food to live a vibrant, energy-filled life and maintain a healthy weight?



 Check out our 2 week, 1 month, 3 month, and 6 month programs

As with all services offered through Winnell Wellness, healthy eating and weight management are viewed from a holistic, integrated, point of view. What we eat and how we manage weight is a physical, emotional, mental, and sometimes spiritual journey. Thus our healthy eating and weight management packages address more than just "calories in and calories out" and are not entirely focused on a number on the scale. You'll have an opportunity to learn about the physical aspects of eating and exercising in weight management, but also explore how your emotions, habits, and mindset can be helpful tools in reaching your goals. We'll identify your strengths and skills that can help you reach your goals, and we'll problem solve obstacles that come up to ensure future success. You'll get an opportunity to individualize an eating plan, get lots of take-home resources, and have access to a trained, Board-Certified Nurse Coach. No more yo-yo dieting, these plans are not just diets, they are designed to be integrated into a long-term lifestyle of wellness. None of our options require weigh-ins or body fat measurements...just commitment and curiosity about a new, vital life. While you can schedule individual coaching appointments one at a time, most successful weight management plans require slow, gradual acquisition of skills and new habits that build on each other. Ready to change your life? Here are some options:









This is the most comprehensive plan, offering you the most access to the Nurse Coach, most material, greatest opportunity for self-awareness and lifestyle change, and greatest level of support. You will meet with Katie twice a month (12 sessions), each session designed to build upon the session before, complete with take-home resources, assistance with goal setting, and a "To Do" list each session to keep you focused, motivated and moving forward. Here are the modules we will cover in this 6-month plan:

  • Why Diets Don't Work, and What Does        

  • Fueling your Body Essentials

  • Fueling your Body For Maximum Success

  • Exercise Strategies to Maximize Success

  • Why It's Not Just About Diet and Exercise

  • Menu Planning for Success

  • Deciphering Food Labels

  • Portion Control and Mindful Eating

  • Understanding and Conquering Cravings

  • Stress Management and Self-Care

  • Food and Habits to Boost Energy and Vitality

  • Mindset Habits for Powerful Results

Along with 12 sessions with a Board-Certified Nurse Coach, you'll get extras like meal planners, shopping guides, recipes and snack ideas,  food logs, and exercise planning worksheets.

Package price: $650



A slightly paired down but still effective plan, this 3-month plan option gives you a lot of flexibility to choose 6 of the modules from the 6-month plan that will be the most effective in helping you meet your goals. If you don't feel you need all the information and coaching of the longer plan, this is the right choice for you. You still get plenty of resources such as meal planners, recipes,"To Do" lists, and 6 sessions with Katie. Not sure which modules will be the best for you? Don't worry, we can work that out together to fit the most effective modules to your individual needs. 

Once you finish the first 6 modules and 6 sessions, you can continue on for another 3 months for an additional fee.

Package price: $325

30 DAY JUMPSTART: Eat well, Move more, Stress less

If you know you need to create a healthy lifestyle but are not sure where to start, this is a great one month program to kick-start your healthy lifestyle change. It is designed to give you the basics of using a whole-food diet for weight management and to create more energy, add in exercise to your lifestyle, and create space for self-care.  Just like the other plans, the Jumpstart Plan give you lots of take-home resources, new recipe ideas, goal setting assistance, a "To Do" list each session to keep you focused, along with weekly face-to-face with Katie to help you stay motivated, move forward, and problem solve any obstacles. Each week will introduce a new topic. 

  • Week 1: Fueling Your Body: Whole Foods and Macronutrients

  • Week 2: Finding What Moves You: Exercise Strategies to Maximize Success

  • Week 3: Fueling Your Body: Meal Composition and Food Pairing

  • Week 4: Stress Management and Self-Care

Along with 4 sessions with a Board-Certified Nurse Coach, you'll get extras like meal planners, shopping guides, recipes and snack ideas, and exercise planning worksheets. It's a lot of information in one month designed to help you jump forward and stay committed to a vital, healthy lifestyle!

Package Price: $235



If you are already on your way to weight loss but have hit a plateau, need an extra boost, or are looking to tweak your diet for maximum benefit, this two-session tune up is for you. We will examine what you are eating and talk about whole foods, macronutrients, food pairing, meal composition, meal timing, and food-related habits so that you can break through the plateau and get your moving toward your goal again. You'll get 2 face-to-face sessions with a Board Certified Nurse Coach, along with any take home resources that might be helpful.

Package price: $125


Far from "just a diet," Mindful Eating will help you to develop healthful eating habits, view food as an opportunity for self-care, manage eating patterns to help you reach your integrated health goals, and use the energy from food to live a joyful, vibrant life. Click here to learn more about mindful eating and upcoming workshops.

Not sure what's right for you? Feel free to call for a free 20-minute phone consult to help you determine what's the  best fit for you.