Clinical Meditation and Imagery 

These techniques are offered as an opportunity to explore and create the self-awareness which often inspires a lifestyle of whole-person wellness. All techniques and practices are evidence-based.

Clinical Meditation and Imagery through Winnell Wellness Consulting is a therapeutic awareness practice which combines the techniques of Focused Awareness and Mindfulness Meditation with the insights of  Transpersonal Nurse Coaching™ and the Huntington Method of Clinical Meditation and Imagery. The merging of these two complementary methods allows participants to experience and refine an evidence-based, clinically relevant meditative practice which has the potential to:

  • Reduce the physiological stress response

  • Attend to chronic illness symptoms in a gentle, individualized, yet effective manner

  • Experience a state of inner peace, focus, and self-awareness

  • Use this space of inner peace and focused awareness to allow the internal strengths of mindfulness, wisdom and oneness to guide you toward your life of meaning and purpose.


When appropriate, the use of clinical imagery skills may be added as an adjunct to meditation

  •  Clinical imagery is the therapeutic use of the power of the imagination. For this purpose, the imagination is defined as "the intelligent, creative force inside each of us that brings something forward because it matters to have it known, and to be worked on in some way" (Richard Schaub,  PhD, Co-Founder, Huntington Meditation and Imagery Center). Clinical Imagery is a creative, individualized technique focused on the client's specific needs and imaginal style. Clinical imagery is a scientific technique developed to access the imagination and use it for healing and further self-awareness. 



These meditation and imagery techniques have been shown to be an effective adjunct therapy for many chronic illness states, for stress reduction, to enhance general wellness, and for spiritual insight and development. No prior meditation experience required. 


*Transpersonal Nurse Coaching is a Trademark of the Huntington Meditation and Imagery Center. Used with permission. 


Individually by appointment:

$75 first session, $55 follow-up sessions

or $175 first three session package, $140 follw-up three session package


Group Workshops*:

$180 Six Week Workshop

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*CMI Workshops are offered through the Integrative Medicine office of Dr. Carin Nielsen in Petoskey, Michigan

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Client Testimonies

"This is about more than learning to meditate, it's about learning about yourself and surprising yourself. This opened up a new understanding within myself that is changing my idea of health."     -L.P.


"Katie is just the right blend of calm and information and smiles. This is a comfortable, safe space to open up and explore the possibilities meditation can bring to your life."                   -T.F.

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